Titan: A Dark Kairological Framework

in New Frankfurt Internationals: Solid Signs
exhibition at Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, 2014
Photo: Camilo Brau

Thoms offered dark geological surfaces in an extraterrestrial framing to reflect on what might be outside of territories of thought, durations of subjects, and traditions of knowing. Materials: Black Mirror, Slate, Graphite coated wood.

The initial inspiration for this framework was from the landscape mosaic called ‘Titan Descent’ made of the Saturnine moon Titan in the year 2004 by the Cassini-Huygens mission. The original mosaic was a patchwork of thirty landscape images taken across 5 kilometres while the Huygens probe was spinning rapidly as it entered the moons gravitational pull. 

Interested in the analogous processes and techniques used in celestial visualization and extraterrestrial image production as the creation and development of new subject-positions for the third millennium, the artist was captivated by these strange extraterrestrial frames that emerge as a result of complex layering, multiple perspectives, and polychronic synchronization. It is through these manifold processes of mosaic that a new lens or frame is articulated.

The gazing of the ancient seers, oracles and astronomers into the dark realms of obsidian or the night sky revealed many stories, poems, geometries, visions of the future and systems of knowledge. By looking into the darkness still today, depths of omnipresent shifting archetypes can begin to reveal themselves and previously hidden signs can emerge.

Titan was initally produced for an exhiibition in Genova, Italy at the Museo Villa Croce D’Arte Contemporanea and was curated by CHAN - a not-for-profit association and a collective curatorial space active in Genova since 2009. Titan was realized with contributions from architect Nichola Czyz.

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