A Borderline Conception
Lying at The Extreme Edge
of the World of Appearances

in the ‘Rhythm of Space’ exhibition
at Museo Della Grafica, Pisa (2019)

3 channel, HD, Stereo


The multi-channel audio-visual composition was filmed with/in Siberia’s ancient fresh water Lake Baikal during the deployment of the Gigaton Volume Detector, a cubic kilometer neutrino observatory, a vast optical assemblage installed at a depth of 1.4 kms beneath the lake’s surface.

As this lake becomes a telescope, and vice versa, Thoms investigates the unbound, non-scalar, entanglement of Nature, Technology, and Cosmos to rethink the epistemic boundaries and ecological conditions of the 21st century. There nature performs itself as Landscape becomes laboratory; environment: computation; geology: strategy; minerals: agents; elements: radical (alien) other.

Excerpts from Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung’s 1952, ‘The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche’ help to punctuate the videos emphasis on reimagining the ‘Natural’ world.

A Borderline Conception... was produced with support from the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Irkutsk State University, the University of Westminster,
& Werkleitz Halle.

Thanks to Mr. Joly & Nikolai Budnev.

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