A Borderline Conception
Lying at The Extreme Edge
of the World of Appearances

in the ‘Rhythm of Space’ exhibition
at Museo Della Grafica, Pisa (2019)

3 channel, HD, Stereo


The multi-channel audio-visual composition was filmed with/in Siberia’s ancient fresh water Lake Baikal during the deployment of the Gigaton Volume Detector, a cubic kilometer neutrino observatory, a vast optical & matrixial  assemblage installed at a depth of 1.4 kms beneath the lake’s surface.

As this lake becomes a telescope (and vice-versa) to capture superluminal events beyond biological perception, Thoms investigates the unbound, non-scalar, self-representations of Nature and Cosmos to rethink the epistemic boundaries and ecological conditions of the 21st century. In A Borderline Conception nature performs itself fractally - at every scale - as Landscape becomes laboratory; environment: computation; geology: strategy; minerals: agents; elements: radical (alien) other.

Excerpts from Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung’s 1952, ‘The Interpretation of Nature and the Psyche’ help to punctuate the videos emphasis on reimagining the nature of Nature, its sentience and generosity.

A Borderline Conception... was produced with support from the Akademie Schloss Solitude, Irkutsk State University, the University of Westminster,& Werkleitz Halle.

Thanks to Mr. Joly & Nikolai Budnev.

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